Unscripted 2013 – All Year Long Special

4 Apr

Unscripted Sessions are among my favorite and these indoor, home-style photo-journalistic sessions are perfect all year long.

I will come to your home in the morning on a weekend and document your family routine – making and eating pancakes, doing a puzzle together in the living room, giving the dog a bath, playing outside – whatever your family enjoys doing together on the weekends will be the subject matter for these naturally beautiful images.   The session will be between 1 – 2 hours and your gallery will include approximately 25 images.  The special session fee of $175 will include your choice of 2 images on disc or you can upgrade to $500 for the session + all images delivered electronically.

These images will beautifully document your life as it is now and will make lovely keepsakes for you and your family.

Please email me if interested in booking.

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Site Undergoing Maintenance

10 Jul

Due to repeated hacking, my site is currently down for a total overhaul. If you are a client with an active gallery, you should still be able to access it via the link provided by email.

I look forward to announcing my upgraded and safeguarded new site soon! Check back here for updates and new work in the meantime.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

New Blog Location | HTML Cannot Scare this Hopewell, NJ Photographer

12 Feb

I bit the bullet and finally updated my blog and moved it to my regular site!  It was not nearly as traumtatizing as I feared, especially with the help of the talented and endlessly patient Andrea at That’s Kinda Cool.

Please come check out the new location – and keep your eyes open for a sweet 3 month old and a gorgeous glowing mommy coming up soon!

New and Improved Purple Circle Photography Blog

Turning One! | Mercer County Baby Photographer

30 Jan

Getting to see children growing up is a huge perk to this job.  Watching my own is one thing – I don’t notice the changes dramatically since I get to “enjoy” them every day.  😉   Even minus the novelty, their small daily advances manage to impress and endlessly amuse me (picture my three-year old telling me that he was feeling so fly like a G6, or my two-year old admonishing her pop to “sit down!” when he came over to chat with her at dinner).  More amazing is observing the development and changes in little ones I don’t see every day – when absence intensifies each new skill and character trait emerged.  I had a great time on Saturday photographing a little one I’ve had the pleasure to meet twice before – at 6 months and again at 9 months.  And now she’s one and I was thrilled to see her scoot all over the place, walk (6 steps!!!), growl in her funny voice and really connect with me.  What a fun session with such a sweet, beautiful child.  I hope to see her again – watching her become who she is destined to be is such a great gift.

No Mystery Here – the Baby will be Gorgeous! | Mercer County Maternity Photographer

22 Jan

I had THE BEST time working with this family – Mom is just stunning (and an awesome make-up artist as well – I think I need a partner!), son Dean was charming and sweet and Dad was hilarious AND cooperative!  It was a session made in heaven.  I loved that Mom had so many creative ideas and was willing to try anything.  We had a blast.  I hope to get invited back when this mystery baby shows up because I have a feeling this family will be loads of fun even on no sleep.

Oh and I’m sure you can tell from the photo below…but Dad is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan – and get this – he’s working on an ice rink in the yard.  I’m telling you, this is a family to know!

I hope you love the photos – I can’t wait to see who will be coming out to join the fun.  Easy labor vibes!

Meet Lauren, She’s New Here | Princeton-area Newborn Photographer

17 Jan

Ahhh…how I love a newborn.  And beyond that, I love the whole newborn experience – the whirlwind of activity all around a tiny little person, the frantic cries followed by those lovely peaceful sighs – the bright beauty of new life.  It’s so amazing to experience – as a mother and even as a grateful guest.  So I was excited to be invited into the home a great local couple only a week after they welcomed their first-born – the gorgeous and perfect Lauren.  Look at her in all her new delicious freshness!


In addition to her exquisite beauty and obvious intelligence, Lauren is also lucky to have a great set of parents: despite their exhaustion, the upheaval of a new baby and overnight family guests, and the complete invasion of their home by a pushy photographer, this couple was gracious and kind – their love for each other and mutual respect obvious…and they were unfailingly good-humored.  Great people sure to be great parents.  Thank you for opening your home to me during this precious time – I loved meeting you all, and sharing the experience of newborn Lauren.


Danielle: Beautiful Rising Star | Mercer County Celebrity-in-the-Making Photographer

12 Jan

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with a lovely aspiring actress – a young woman possessing the style, grace and beauty of every great dramatic icon.  It was such a wonderful experience – a first-hand opportunity to witness a star being born.  From the first uncertain moments, looking to her dad for guidance and approval to the middle of the session when she began to gain confidence to the end when she let down her guard and truly shone — this session was a delight.

Danielle, hope you love the photos – you are amazing and I can’t wait to see the great things you achieve in your career and in your life!

Teen + Tween = Fun Times (and Not an Ounce of Angst) | Hopewell, NJ Family Photographer

13 Dec

That’s it.  I think there’s something in the water.  Because despite all the bad press teenagers get, I have yet to see any evidence of angst amongst the adolescents of Hopewell.  I mean, sure – I’ve spied some questionably low-riding jeans around town on occasion, but that seems to be the extent of it.  The brothers I met on Sunday were no exception – they were hearteningly…well, pleasant.  Great conversationalists, friendly, funny and intelligent – I really enjoyed meeting them and taking their photos.  They gave me hope that I won’t necessarily need to invest in heavy-duty tranquilizers in about 10 years when we’re embarking on puberty.  And for that I am impressed, happy, and grateful.  🙂

No surprise, Mom and Dad were also wonderful – really welcoming, laid-back and open.  There was such an easy air between everyone in the family – the whole house felt comfortable and light – a place where people relate freely and are accepted completely.

I had a great time working with this inspiring family (and I loved the house tour too – you guys scored!)…hope you love the photos.

Oh Won’t You Be My Neighbor? | Hopewell, NJ Lifestyle Photographer

8 Dec

One of the best things about our town is the great people – I’ve never lived in a place where I feel so connected to the community.  Nearly every time we take a walk we run into a friendly face and spend a couple of minutes catching up on local news, hearing family updates, and maybe sharing a little gossip…  This is exactly the type of community feeling we were hoping for when we moved to Hopewell, and Hopewell has not disappointed.

We were especially excited when new neighbors moved in nearby – a couple with a baby on the way!  The resident in me was thrilled to have new neighbors (who are wonderful) and the photographer in me was drooling at the prospect of a new model.  I’m only sorry it took over a year for me to get my lens on this gorgeous child.  He is pretty much perfection, from what I can see – and aside from when I traumatized him with my squeaky dog toy in a horribly backfired attempt to elicit a smile – our session was great!  Lots of fun, many smiles, and a nice chance for me to catch up with his truly lovely mom.  One of my favorite moments was when the subject of our session, clearly fatigued from all the modeling, made a beeline to the kitchen for some sustenance.  A kid after my own heart.

Hope you love the photos and let’s do it again soon!

Happiest Baby on the Block Photographed | Mercer County Happy Baby Photographer

7 Dec

I think every parent has a stashed copy of The Happiest Baby on the Block somewhere – I can’t comment on the advice given in the book because I don’t think I ever read it (hence the general misery of my own children) but we indeed own at least one copy.  And although I never read it, I know it is a book that helps parents teach babies soothing techniques to ensure that their baby can be, well, the happiest baby on the block.  Not such a bad aspiration.  I didn’t actually see the book at my clients’ house on Saturday, but perhaps Mom and Dad have memorized the book’s formula for baby bliss – because this child was easily the happiest baby on the block (and they live on a pretty large block).  We had a marathon mini session involving many outfit and hat changes and this guy cried once, for like a second.  Besides that single moment of frustration – I think it was one hat too many – this baby was nothing but happy smiles and good-natured play.  I had a blast taking his pictures.  Mom was super-organized and the short session moved quickly and efficiently (thanks, Mom!) and Dad was fun and relaxed.  What a great session with a great family.  Hope you love the photos – and have a very happy Christmas!